Nine Reasons

  1. A one-stop business finance solution.
  2. As business professionals ourselves, we understand your financing challenges. Our Associates and underwriters have owned and managed business as well. We get to know you, and then we find the financing that is right for your business.
  3. Competitive rates, terms and conditions. We save our clients time, money and headaches.
  4. Consultation, advice and assistance throughout the whole financing process.
  5. Many lenders turn away business because their narrow range of finance products does not fit your requirement. If your business is financeable, BFA will get it done.
  6. BFA works with you: We find reasons to finance your case rather than reasons not to.
  7. Higher LTV: BFA can either loan more against your business assets or have less assets required as collateral.
  8. Lending Criteria: We have funds under our management and specialty lenders to meet your business needs.
  9. Versatility: Our underwriters and analysts have the experience to diagnose your business case.